Materials & Suppliers

tubes of oil paint

The following is a guide materials list for Sarum Studio students.


Fabriano Roma, cream or pale grey. Fabriano Ingres (or similar), off-white or pale grey


Nitram charcoal, eraser, stump, fixative, portfolio, hand-mirror and plumb line


Basic Limited Palette
White lead, yellow ochre, Old Holland light red, cadmium red light,
ivory black.
Old Holland and Williamsburg paints are recommended
White lead is difficult to find. The studio keeps stocks when available, including pigment for hand-grinding

Basic Medium
One-part each: stand oil/liquin/turpentine
To be diluted as necessary with additional turpentine

Advanced Medium
Sun-thickened linseed-oil, Canada balsam, turpentine
To be diluted as necessary with additional turpentine


There is no standard system for numbering brushes so these are approximate sizes:
Four x filbert hogs approximately ¼, ½ and ¾ inch
Two x each filbert hogs, 1 and 2 inch
Two x long handled filbert sables ⅛, ¼ and ½ inch
A small round sable for highlights

20″ x 24″ (portrait)
24″ x 30″ (figure study sitting)
24″ x 36″ (figure study standing)
Oil primed fine linen recommended

Palette, palette knife, dippers, white spirit, paper towels

The Sarum Studio is able to supply Nitram charcoal, Fabriano Roma paper, and many other fine art materials at a discount. Students of the Sarum Studio are also eligible for a discount on fine art materials from Noble Art Supplies (01722 239517), which has recently opened in Salisbury City Centre.