Traditional figurative painting & drawing courses.

Set in the beautiful environs of Salisbury Cathedral Close, the Sarum Studio is an independent atelier of fine art committed to the theory and practice of drawing and painting from life using the Sight-size method.

Beginners work from the cast and life model before proceeding to portrait drawing and painting, while more experienced students further develop their skills with sustained projects that allow ample time for criticism and the study of shape and colour, values and modelling. Learn more about our full-time, part-time and short study courses.

The location and atmosphere of the Wren Hall, and the peace and beauty of the Cathedral Close, combine to create a uniquely inspiring setting conducive to serious study, and a gratifying experience away from urban distractions and expenses.

New Book Now Available

“Sight-Size Portraiture 2nd Ed” – Nicholas Beer A revised and expanded edition of Nicholas Beer's book "On Sight-size Portraiture" is now available to order.

In this book Nick examines the sight-size portrait method, in which the artist stands back at a distance to view the picture and sitter side-by-side and to scale. He demonstrates the technique in a series of projects that culminate in portrait painting. There are also sections on the history of sight-size, early treatises on portraiture, and the 'philosophy' of seeing. This new edition also includes a 'starts and studies' section, which looks at a series of unfinished paintings in detail to analyse the thought processes and techniques of great artists.