Traditional drawing and painting courses.

Set within the beautiful environs of Salisbury Cathedral Close, the Sarum Studio is an independent school of fine art committed to the theory and practice of drawing and painting from life using the sight-size method.

The Sarum Studio offers a programme of study that is no longer provided by contemporary art schools. Students begin by drawing daily from plaster casts and the life model before graduating first to portrait drawing, then to figure and portrait painting. The objective of the training is to equip students with the practical skills and aesthetic sensibilities they need to interpret and transcribe the visual world, and to encourage their potential as contemporary artists working in the figurative tradition.

The location and atmosphere of the Wren Hall, combined with the peace and beauty of the Cathedral Close, create a uniquely inspiring environment conducive to learning, and a gratifying experience away from everyday distractions.

NEW SATURDAY STUDY DAYS: Beginning March 2018, the studio will open on two Saturdays each half term for full-day (10 am to 4 pm) life-drawing sessions. These are not formally tutored classes, although help will be available for those who would like some instruction. The pose can last the whole day, or change at lunchtime according to the consensus of the class. Please bring your own materials and feel free to use your medium of choice.
Cost: £40, including tea and coffee.